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  •  To determine if your smartphone supports eSIM, it's best to check directly from the settings.

    The availability of eSIM support can vary not only based on the mobile phone model but also the country of manufacture.

    Look for the option to add an eSIM within the settings menu. If you find it, then your phone supports eSIM; if not, it likely doesn't. 

  • Due to the fact that before purchasing an eSIM package, you confirm yourself that your smartphone supports eSIM, the amount paid for the package is non-refundable.

    Note again, prior to confirming your purchase, verify in your mobile device settings whether it supports eSIM. Go to settings and search for add eSIM. Despite the model of your smartphone, it may not necessarily support eSIM functionality.

  • In such a scenario, the amount will not be refunded. Prior to payment, we will again provide you with information regarding which SIM/eSIM the selected package will be activated on.

  • Our eSIM is valid worldwide in all countries. Just search for the country and select the package

    Our physical SIM is valid all over Europe.

    For more information please check bundle description for more details
  • If you want to pick up a mobineX physical SIM card from our service point, then during registration, mark "Pickup From Service Point" and choose the desired one from the listed locations.

    At this stage, we have 22 such points (in Tbilisi, Gori, Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti and Zugdidi) and we are adding more 😉

    You can withdraw the SIM card immediately after registration.

    Please note, in this case "tracking code" will be generated on the last page of registration, which must be presented at the pickup point, so be careful - take a photo or take a screenshot.

  • To use our SIM, you need to register online, there you can buy the first internet bundle.

    Please note that physical SIM bundles are activated immediately after registration and are valid for 30 days, so we recommend you to choose the right time for registration.

    Activation details and duration of eSIM bundles are provided in the additional information of each bundle.

  • If you have our physical SIM, it is enough to put it in your mobile phone and make sure that the Data Roaming function is enabled from the settings.

    Yes, and of course, you must have Mobile Data turned on.

    If you have registered eSIM, then to install it, you need to scan the QR code from the personal cabinet and select Travel under Mobile Data in the mobile settings.

  • MobineX Travel SIM offers two types of services:

    1) We provide physical SIM cards with file available bundles. All bundles for travelers include Data Only, and each package is valid for 30 days.

    Most importantly, we provide fast and reliable internet connection throughout Europe, and in countries where 5G is available, our customers also enjoy this service.

    After the bundle expires, the SIM card will be terminated and it can't be restored. If you want to keep it, use our SIM parking service.

    2) We offer an eSIM's valid in most countries worldwide. You have the option to purchase a bundle tailored for a specific country or region. Our bundles vary in the number of megabytes and duration of validity.

  • On the main page you will see a list of bundles, Choose the one you like.

    You will need a Visa/MasterCard Bank Card to purchase the bundle. 

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